Center Slitting Machine

Manufacturer and exporter of Center Slitting Machine in Ahmedabad, Customised Slitting Machines

Technical Specification

Web width* 1300mm 1600mm
Max. reel dia. at unwinder 800mm 1000mm
Max. reel dia. rewind 450mm 600mm
Range of Slitting Width 100-650mm 100-650mm
Mechanical Speed (meter/min)** 300 400

Suitable Material : Polyester, Laminates, BOPP, Aluminum Foil
* Can be vary as per requirement. ** Depends upon type of material and type of printing.

Slitting Machine,Slitting Rewinding Manufacturer India

Salient Feature

  • 4 Drive system for Synchronized Unwinder,Main Drive & both Rewinders
  • Touch Screen Panel for easy and smart operating.
  • Digital Web Line Guiding System.
  • High Performance Differential Winding Shafts.
  • System Consist of AC Drive,load cell for feedback, Ultrasonic Sensor.
  • Each rewinder equipped with pneumatically loaded lay on assembly with contact pressure control.
  • Taper Tension System for Rewinder
  • Touch Screen System for easy Operating
  • Pneumatic Break Auto Tension Control System at Unwinder
  • Differential Shafts at Rewinders
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